What I Wore This Week: August 12th – 18th

August is by far my favorite month. Yes, mostly because it’s my birth month but I also just really like summer.

This week I did a few new pictures for some older blog posts to give them a refresh. Shooting for my blog and IG is honestly my favorite part. I love styling and getting everything set up! Plus when I plan my outfits out a week in advance it really does make life so much easier!


This shot was mainly for my blog post “15 Online Vintage Shops for Finding Great Basic” but I also found these vintage Levi’s thrifting and they needed an outfit post to celebrate!

Outfit Details

  • Top: Thrifted but Rawson sells similar vintage ones!
  • Jeans: Thrifted, check out RE/DONE if you can’t seem to find vintage Levi’s thrifting!
  • Basket: Birkin Basket via Etsy


Outfit Details


Outfit Details


Did you guys see my recent blog post “5 Sustainable Houseware Brands to Fill Your Home With”? Not really an outfit post but a few asked so I thought I’d include it!

Outfit Details


Outfit Details


Wearing a swimsuit as a top since it’s basically just a body suit!

Outfit Details


Yep, this one is my favorite look of the week, heck the whole summer. I bought this dress back in April and wore it a few times but it really needed to be hemmed so I spent 30 minutes Sunday and got it done quickly! Last year bought a sewing machine and taught myself a few basic skills and it has been super helpful for someone that is petite and often needs to hack off a few inches to pants, skirts + dresses!

Outfit Details

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